Why Go to South Dakota for Snow Goose Hunting

If you want to go hunting snow goose, then South Dakota is the place to go. Millions of birds, including numerous species of snow geese, on their yearly spring migration converge in a wide area of the state. You certainly will have fun bagging a few geese and at the same time enjoy the spectacle of seeing all kinds of birds roosting and flying around. Such sights will not fail to make you wonder how beautiful nature is.

South Dakota is not the only place where you may go South Dakota snow goose hunting . Neighboring states will be have migrating birds as well, but the birds in South Dakota are thicker and more widespread which means there will be less pressure on the birds even though there are more hunters.

There are requirements before you can hunt snow goose. You have to get a South Dakota Spring License which is available in the office of South Dakota Game and Fish. South Dakota snow goose hunting starts from the first week of March to the first week of April. That's a whole month of hunting.

If you are new to the sport, you do not have to worry about not knowing where and how Spring snow goose hunts work. There are snow goose guides who are assigned to assist hunters. The guides are professionals so you will get all the assistance you need to make the hunt enjoyable.

The area within the Lake Thompson is a known hunting ground, but there are large goose roosts in corn fields and swampy areas. Anyway, the guides are there to devise a plan and take you and other hunters to the best hunting areas. They will help put up the decoys and give instructions on where you should take position while waiting for the flock to come.

For equipment you need decoys, electronic devices to mimic the calls of goose and course a gun. The hunting guides usually bring the decoys and the call devices with them, but you have to bring your gun. It should not be difficult what kind of gun to bring along as you can find information about goose hunting guns in the net.

So you want to go goose hunting this spring? If you are wondering where to go, try searching in the net about goose hunting in South Dakota. You will find out that it's one of the best places for the sport.